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  3. Kosovo's Foreign Minister Hoxhaj has said that Kosovo's goal is to be a full UN member state by 2020 and NATO member state by 2022. In 2015, Kosovo's Ministry of Trade and Industry is also preparing a membership application for the World Trade Organization. Joining NATO's Partnership for Peace is a priority of the government
  4. International recognition of Kosovo, since its declaration of independence from Serbia enacted on 17 February 2008, has been mixed, and the international community is divided on the issue.. As of 4 September 2020, 98 out of 193 (51%) United Nations (UN) member states, 22 out of 27 (81%) European Union (EU) member states, 26 out of 30 (87%) NATO member states, and 31 out of 57 (54%.
  5. The independence of Kosovo is not recognised by five EU member states - Spain, Greece, Slovakia, Romania, Cyprus. (TRT World and Agencies) 8. But Russia's also uses Kosovo to legitimise its annexation of the Crimea: Russian President Vladimir Putin has used Kosovo's bid for statehood to legitimise Russia's annexation of the Crimea from Ukraine
  6. Die Vereinten Nationen und ihre Partnerorganisationen beschäftigen derzeit ungefähr 700 internationale Angestellte im Kosovo. 144 davon sind Angestellte der Vereinten Nationen. 186 weitere UNO-Angestellte sind auf dem Weg in den Kosovo. Ende August werden 400 UNO-Angestellte ihre Arbeit im Kosovo aufgenommen haben. Die vom Sicherheitsrat am 10
  7. Kosovo is currently (this note self-updates) recognized as an independent state by 98 out of the 193 United Nations member states. In total, 113 UN member states recognized Kosovo at some point, of which 15 later withdrew their recognition

To become a member of the UN Kosovo needs to be recognized by the members UN as an independent country and that is very problematic since Serbia does not recognize it. Kosovo would need 9 of 15 votes from the members of the Council (including 5 votes of the veto members) and then two-thirds majority vote from members of the assembly Das Kosovo wird derzeit von 115 Staaten als unabhängig diplomatisch anerkannt. Insgesamt hatten seit der Unabhängigkeitserklärung des Kosovo am 17. Februar 2008 115 von insgesamt 193 (60 %) Mitgliedstaaten der Vereinten Nationen, 22 der 27 (81 %) Mitgliedstaaten der Europäischen Union, 26 der 30 (87 %) NATO -Mitglieder und 35 der 57 (61 %). The Republic of Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia in 2008 and has received mixed reactions from the international community since. Although it is not recognized by Serbia, a relationship between Serbia and Kosovo has began to be formally established. 111 UN members currently recognize Kosovo as a sovereign country Kosovo: Deutsche Bezeichnung Interimsverwaltungsmission der Vereinten Nationen im Kosovo Englische Bezeichnung United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo: Basierend auf UN-Resolution: 1244 (10. Juni 1999) Beginn 10. Juni 1999 Status andauernd Leitung Zahir Tanin: Einsatzstärke (max.) 4.718 Polizeibeamte, 38 Verbindungsbeamt

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Originally, the Security Council, by its resolution 1244 of 10 June 1999, authorized the Secretary-General to establish an international civil presence in Kosovo - the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) - in order to provide an interim administration for Kosovo under which the people of Kosovo could enjoy substantial autonomy. Its task was unprecedented in complexity and scope; the Council vested UNMIK with authority over the territory and people of Kosovo. Kosovar Albanian authorities urged the UN to cancel Resolution 1244 and to let Kosovo become a member of the organization. Encouraged by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling, Pristina had filed a request to the UN urging its members to recognize Kosovo's independence Through the implementation of these projects, the co-operation activities in Kosovo* contributed to the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), notably SDG 4 (target 7 and a), SDG 5 (targets 1, 2 and c), SDG 8 (target 6), SDG 10 (target 2), SDG 11, SDG 16 (targets 1,2, 3,4,5, 6, 10, a and b) and SDG 17 (target 17) As of 2019, 101 UN states recognise it as independent, and the Republic of Kosovo has become a member country of the IMF and World Bank, despite heavy Serbian opposition. Kosovo, though a secular republic, is largely Albanian-speaking and Muslim but there are also significant numbers of minorities living within its borders, especially Serbs Why isn't Kosovo a UN member state yet? Thread starter Superboy; Start date Nov 9, 2014; 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. Go. Next Last. Superboy BANNED. Oct 2, 2013 6,298-7 1,968 Country Location. Nov 9, 2014 #1 Most countries recognize Kosovo, including the US, Britain, France. Kosovo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia . flamer84 BANNED. Mar 6, 2013 9,435-14 11,572 Country Location. Nov 9.

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And that UN membership is far from guaranteed. Although the UN charter is clear that the UN is open to all peace-loving states, it is its member states that decide whether a state should be admitted or not. Hypothetically, if Kosovo manages to finalize a deal with Serbia, the first step Kosovo would undertake is to apply for membership. Next, it is upon the UN Security Council to consider the application. In order to pass the first phase, Kosovo would need at least nine out of 15 votes KFOR operates under Chapter VII of the UN Charter and, as such, is a peace enforcement operation. Today, KFOR consists of approximately 3,500 troops provided by 27 countries. It continues to help maintain a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement for all people and communities in Kosovo, according to its mandate, which is to

Kosovo, a country in the Western Balkans with a predominantly Albanian-speaking population, declared independence from Serbia in 2008, less than a decade after a brief but lethal war. It has since been recognized by about 100 countries. The United States and most European Union (EU) member states recognize Kosovo. Serbia, Russia, China, and various other countries (includin Its independence is recognised by 74 UN member states and the Republic of China (Taiwan). On 8 October 2008, upon request of Serbia, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution asking the International Court of Justice for an advisory opinion on the issue of Kosovo's declaration of independence. On 22 July 2010, the ICJ ruled that Kosovo's declaration of independence did not violate. While Kosovo's path to full UN membership is blocked in the Council, it could go to the General Assembly, as Palestine did in 2012, and petition for non-member observer state status which would require a simple majority of 97 UN member states supporting the resolution. Palestinian FM Riad Malki addressing the Security Council in January 2013. (UN Photo) As it stands, 96 countries recognize.

UN-Mission im Kosovo: Wir kamen, sahen und versagten Erstmals in der Geschichte übernahmen sie eine Regierung, schufen eine neue Verwaltung und trieben Steuern ein Since Kosovo's independence in 2008, the United States and over 100 UN-member countries have recognized Kosovo as an independent, sovereign state. The United States continues to support a multiethnic, democratic Kosovo, fully integrated into the international community. This remains a key pillar of U.S. efforts to stabilize the Balkan region and ensure a Europe that is strong and free. U.S. Kosovo adopts its Constitution. 18-02-2008 Council acknowledges Kosovo's declaration of independence, underlines EU conviction that Kosovo is a sui generis case. 04-02-2008 Council adopts Joint Action establishing EU Rule of Law mission in Kosovo EULEX. 01-02-2006 UN Special Envoy launches status negotiations. 01-04-200 A Russian UN employee was among more than two dozen people detained by Kosovo police in an armed raid in the Serb-dominated north of the country that has caused international tensions

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Die Unabhängigkeit des Kosovo ist völkerrechtlich umstritten. Die Republik Kosovo wird bislang von 115 UN-Mitgliedstaaten anerkannt The Republic of Kosovo has de facto control over most of the territory, with limited control in North Kosovo. Niue: Member of five UN specialized agencies: None (See political status) A state in free association with New Zealand, Niue maintains diplomatic relations with 20 states. Niue is a member of multiple UN agencies with full treaty making capacity. It shares a head of state with New. Kosovo declared independence on the 17 February 2008 and it has been recognized by more than 100 UN Member States. UNMIK continues to implement its mandate in a status neutral manner and operate under Security Council resolution 1244 (1999) Although not a signatory to Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals at the UN General Assembly because of its status as a non-member, Kosovo took the decision to join global efforts to embrace sustainable development and the SDGs. The Kosovo implementation of Agenda 2030 and the SDGs, which has been voluntary in this context, is ensured through the Kosovo Assembly's January 2018.

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On 17 February 2008, the Assembly of Kosovo declared Kosovo's independence as the Republic of Kosovo. Its independence is recognised by 74 UN member states and the Republic of China (Taiwan). On 8 October 2008, upon request of Serbia, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution asking the International Court of Justice for an advisory opinion on the issue of Kosovo's declaration of independence. On 22 July 2010, the ICJ ruled that Kosovo's declaration of independence did not violate. Kosovo ist der jüngste Staat auf dem europäischen Kontinent. Am 17. Februar 2008 erklärte das Parlament in Pristina seine Loslösung von der Republik Serbien. Inzwischen haben 114 Staaten Kosovo völkerrechtlich anerkannt, darunter Deutschland und die Mehrzahl der EU-Mitgliedsstaaten. Zuvor war Kosovo seit 1999 auf Basis der UN-Resolution 1244 als autonomes Territorium von den Vereinten. Die Organisation der Vereinten Nationen (häufig nur Vereinte Nationen, kurz VN; englisch United Nations, kurz UN), auch UNO (von United Nations Organization, französisch Organisation des Nations unies - ONU), sind ein zwischenstaatlicher Zusammenschluss von 193 Staaten und als globale internationale Organisation ein uneingeschränkt anerkanntes Völkerrechtssubjekt

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Zudem habe der UN-Sonderbeauftragte für das Kosovo, Finnlands Ex-Präsident Martti Ahtisaari, seinerzeit ausdrücklich die Unabhängigkeit des Kosovos als einzigen möglichen Weg empfohlen Kosovo. Kosovo, or the Republic Of The independent state from the Albanian colony or Republic of fake Serbia is a countryball in Europe. Kosovo got its independence on 2008 from Serbia. There are more than 97 countries recognizing Kosovo as a Non UN Member Kosovo was last to go its own way following the break up of former Yugoslavia, it declared independence in February 2008 but Serbia has not recognised it. By 2019, the Republic of Kosovo was recognised by more than half of the UN member states. The vast majority of the population is ethnic Albanian. Small minorities include Serbs, Bosniaks, Turks, Gorani. Most Albanians, Bosniaks and Turks, are Muslim, but the Republic of Kosovo is a secular state and all religious groups freely observe. Kosovo: Official name Kosovo Status Republic of Kosovo, not UN member, recognized by 108 UN members. Location South East Europe Capital Prishtinë (Prishtina) Population 1,795,666 inhabitants Area 10,887 km² Major languages Albanian, Serbian (official) Major religions Islam, Catholicism, Serbian Orthodoxy, Agnostic More informatio Kosovo unlikely to become a UN member - UNGA president to RT 16 Oct, 2012 20:55 . Get short URL. UNGA President Vuk Jeremic speaks to RT's Marina Portnaya . UNGA President Vuk Jeremic speaks to RT's Marina Portnaya . Follow RT on. Vuk Jeremic says his election shows confidence in Serbia's global outlook, 20 years after the country was suspended from the General Assembly. But as for Kosovo, he.

As of the time of writing, 86 UN Member States have recognized Kosovo as a State. With the judicial pronouncement in their favour, the authorities in Kosovo are likely to apply for membership in. Einen Ausgleich zwischen Serbien und Kosovo herbeizuführen ist nicht leicht, aber auch nicht unmöglich, sagte Stefan Lehne, Visiting Scholar bei Carnegie Europe, beim Brussels Briefing der DGAP. Neben einer substanziellen Autonomie für den Norden Kosovos könne eine Annäherung zunächst auch über eine Zusammenarbeit ohne völkerrechtliche Anerkennung führen, für die der. On 10 June the UN Security Council passed a resolution welcoming the acceptance by the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia of the principles on a political solution to the Kosovo crisis, including an immediate end to violence and a rapid withdrawal of its military, police and paramilitary forces. The Resolution, adopted by a vote of 14 in favour and none against, with one abstention (China), announced the Security Council's decision to deploy international civil and security presences. The Kosovo Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor's Office were established pursuant to an international agreement ratified by the Kosovo Assembly, a Constitutional Amendment and the Law on Kosovo Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor's Office. They are of temporary nature with a specific mandate and jurisdiction over crimes against humanity, war crimes and other crimes.

The UN member states who have already recognized Kosovo's independence are urging Belgrade to acknowledge the new political realities and to start dialogue with Pristina. Mark Lyall Grant, Britain. NATO membership would provide Kosovo with what it needs most: security, stability, and international legitimacy, attained through a Euro-Atlantic perspective. UN membership, as shown by three. Sergey Lavrov said Russia would use its power as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council to block Kosovo from joining the world body Hoxhaj told Guterres that Kosovo should become a UN member as soon as possible, for stability and security to prevail in Western Balkans. He also told UNSG that UNMIK's presence in Kosovo is already unnecessary and that they must be used in conflict zones, not in a safe country with political stability such as Kosovo. During the Conference in Istanbul, Hoxhaj also met with Turkey's Foreign.

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He said that Kosovo's membership in the international organisations like Interpol, UNESCO and the United Nations was pretty much uncertain due to opposition from Moscow and Belgrade. The Interpol and UNESCO membership can be over in an hour if Serbia agrees Kosovo, officially the Republic of Kosovo, is a partially-recognised state and disputed territory in Southeastern Europe. On 17 February 2008, Kosovo unilaterally declared its independence from Serbia. It has since gained diplomatic recognition as a sovereign state by 95 UN member states Kosovo Looks Forward To UN Membership By Ramesh Jaura This is the first of two reports from Kosovo, on its efforts to garner international recognition in the aftermath of unilateral declaration of independence in February 2008 subsequent to the breakup of Yugoslavia after Josip Broz Tito's death in the 1980s Lavrov says that Russia, as a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council, is in a position not to allow Kosovo to become a full-fledged member of the United Nations. There is, he adds, no way.

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A Russian UN employee was among more than two dozen people detained by Kosovo police in an armed raid in the Serb-dominated north of the country that has caused international tensions. Moscow. Kosovo . The Republic of Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008. Over 100 UN members recognize Kosovo. Serbia has not recognized the independence of Kosovo. Western Sahara . Western Sahara is a disputed territory in Northwestern Africa. It is bordered by Morocco to the north, Algeria to the east, and Mauritania to the south and southeast Kosovo declared independence on February 17, 2008 which was contested by Serbia and several other UN Member States. The declaration of independence was however supported by the European Union and the US. Shortly after its adopted, the International Court of Justice ruled that the declaration of independence was in line with international law and peace talks between Kosovo and Serbia began in. UN Members Call for Kosovo Organ Trade Probe (February 17, 2011) Following the release of a Council of Europe report in December, pressure is mounting for an investigation into allegations of organ trafficking by members of the Kosovo Liberation Army. Lamberto Zannier, the head of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) has called for an investigation, which was.

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  1. So far, 83 UN member states (including the US) have recognised Kosovo - 44 fewer than the total members states that have recognised Palestine. Serbia asked the International Court of Justice to.
  2. EULEX KOSOVO possède une chaîne de commandement unifiée, dans la mesure où il s'agit d'une opération de gestion de crise. 2. Le COPS exerce, sous la responsabilité du Conseil, le contrôle politique et la direction stratégique de EULEX KOSOVO. 3. Comme également indiqué à l'article 7, le commandant d'opération civil, sous le contrôle politique et la direction stratégique du COPS.
  3. It is composed of three members: the EU Special Representative in Kosovo as the Chair, the Kosovo Minister of Finance on behalf of the Kosovo authorities, and a representative of the Serb community from the four northern municipalities
  4. Three organisations are collaborating to power the UNMIK-supported Kosovo Trustbuilding Platform, physically distanced by pandemic public health measures, but united by the cause of peacebuilding in Kosovo. They share one similarity—they are all led by, and majorly comprised of, women. 08 Mar 2021. UNMIK donates four vehicles to religious communities and municipalities in Kosovo. As part.

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Kosovo finds itself in a tricky position. While its statehood has legitimacy, with the backing of the US and most industrialized nations, Kosovo is not a member of the UN. That isn't likely to. We welcome the fact that Kosovo is recognised by over half of the UN Member States and we encourage those countries that have not yet recognised Kosovo to do so. Mr President, In respect of. Kosovo: 4th anniversary of Independence, without UN membership By Vedat Xhymshiti on February 17, 2012 • ( Leave a comment ) Kosovo on Friday marked its fourth anniversary of the unilateral declaration of independence from Serbia as the defiant Serb minority in the north of the breakaway territory again rejected Pristina's rule US Ambassador says Kosovo will be UN member. Author: KoSSev . Author: N1 Belgrade. Share: Link je kopiran Link je kopiran. Izvor: AFP/Ozan Kose. US Ambassador in Pristina Philip Kosnett told the KoSSev news portal on Tuesday that he is convinced that Kosovo will become a member of the United Nations and other international organizations. The United States and European Union are committed to. In fact, dozens of UN member countries have not recognized the country's independence, though a significant majority of EU and NATO member states do recognize Kosovo's independence. May 29, 2019.

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KOSOVO ISN'T A UN MEMBER, SO KOSOVO CAN'T BE IN A UN SUBREGION! 13:28, 10 June 2008: User:Cradel: 638×599: 166 KB: Reverted to version as of 20:44, 9 June 2008jere 12:07, 10 June 2008: User:Milosevo: 984×924: 50 KB: Reverted, again: kosovo isn't UN member, so it can't be in an UN subregion. 20:44, 9 June 2008: User:Cradel : 638×599: 166 KB: Reverted to version as of 20:16, 8 June 2008 14:15. Kosovo (auch der Kosovo oder das Kosovo, albanisch Kosova/Kosovë, serbisch-kyrillisch Косово), amtlich Republik Kosovo, ist eine Republik in Südosteuropa auf dem westlichen Teil der Balkanhalbinsel.Die Republik Kosovo hat etwa 1,9 Millionen Einwohner und gilt als stabilisiertes De-facto-Regime. Hauptstadt und größte Stadt ist Pristina Kosovo does hope to one day join the United Nations as a full member, but political unrest in the region, as well as the ongoing United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), have kept the country from political stability to the degree required to join as a functioning member state. Today, Kosovo is recognized by 109 U.N. members Following a peace agreement, Yugoslav and Serbian forces withdraw from Kosovo and a UN sponsored administration takes over. 2008 - Kosovo unilaterally declares independence

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Serbian staff member of the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) Dejan Dimovic, detained along with a Russian diplomat, has been released, the mission told the Serbian state news agency Tanjug on Thursday. Dimovic has been sent to a hospital to undergo medical procedures. The Free Europe radio station reported that the detained [ SOJEVE, Kosovo (R) - Like many Kosovars, cattle seller Xhelal Terstena hopes incoming U.S. President Joe Biden will help the small Balkan country's push for United Nations membership Pristina is the capital and Prizren is the historic capital of Kosovo.; Adopted unilaterally; Kosovo is not a formal member of the eurozone.; XK is a user assigned ISO 3166 code not designated by the standard, but used by the European Commission, Switzerland, the Deutsche Bundesbank and other organisations. However, ISO 3166-2:RS-KM remains in use

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  1. Kosovo could even live without UN membership for a while. Beyond its existing partners, Kosovo must also develop a niche foreign policy and cultivate bilateral cooperation with other non-western.
  2. KOSOVO SHOULD BECOME UN MEMBER STATE - ALBANIAN PRESIDENT New York, Sep 24 2008 9:11PM Kosovo, which declared its independence from Serbia earlier this year, deserves to be a United Nations Member State as soon as possible, Albanian President Bamir Topi told the General Assembly's annual high-level debate tonight
  3. Strictly Confidential Kosovo corruption reports (17) 17 United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) reports into corruption at Pristina, 2004-2007; All oversight reports (614) Many of these reports are also available at the United States UN mission, although, interestingly, not generally from the UN itself
  4. UNDP Kosovo, Pristina. 19,770 likes · 1,621 talking about this · 398 were here. Welcome to the Facebook page of UNDP in Kosovo. [References to Kosovo shall be understood to be in the context of..
  5. Kosovo has a clear European perspective as part of the wider Western Balkans region. The EU is active in Kosovo through its Special Representative (EUSR), and the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) mission in the rule of law area (EULEX). The EU is also present through member countries' Embassies and Liaison offices

SOJEVE, Kosovo (R) - Like many Kosovars, cattle seller Xhelal Terstena hopes incoming U.S. President Joe Biden will help the small Balkan country's push for United Nations membership. Biden. Kosovo became a member of all relevant international organizations, including the UN. The economic situation in both Serbia and Kosovo has improved considerably. The Road to 2035 External Factors Following Brexit, the EU entered a period of internal stabilization and integration. It established good cooperation with Russia, easing tensions in the neighborhood. The EU also invested considerable. UN Women Kosovo, Pristina. 8,896 likes · 1,877 talking about this · 42 were here. UN Women is the global champion for gender equality, working to develop and uphold standards and create an.. Kosovo Serbs consider unemployment (18.1%), interethnic relations (18.1%), and public and personal security (10.5%) as the most pressing issues in Kosovo, whereas members of other Kosovo communities perceive unemployment (48%), urban problems (12.5%) and poverty (11%) as major problems in Kosovo. While a negligible number of Kosovo Serbs (1.9%) think corruption is a major problem in Kosovo. SOJEVE (Kosovo), Dec 23 ― Like many Kosovars, cattle seller Xhelal Terstena hopes incoming US President Joe Biden will help the small Balkan country's push for United Nations (UN) membership. Biden is respected in Kosovo for his active support of the 1999 Nato bombing of Serbia to halt the killing and expulsion of ethnic Albanians in its then southern province

Kosovo President Is Indicted for War Crimes for Role in War With Serbia. President Hashim Thaci, who was scheduled to visit the White House on Saturday, faces 10 counts of war crimes brought by. Among the elected members, Ireland and Norway have recognised Kosovo. The US has been the most vocal proponent of a drawdown and eventual withdrawal of UNMIK, citing the level of stability in Kosovo. The US has also asserted that the mission is overstaffed and over-resourced for its limited responsibilities and that these resources could be put to better use in more pressing situations on the. An EU spokesman said on March 15 that the EU regrets Kosovo's decision to depart from the EU position on the Jerusalem issue. The position of the EU is well known and is in accordance with Security Council Resolution 478 of 1980, which calls upon all UN member states to relocate their embassies to Tel Aviv. All embassies of EU member. At the finish of a very challenging year in many ways, the Sustainable Development Council of the Assembly of Kosovo came together for their meeting, to review the progress that has been made through the many projects and activities throughout the year. The council started planning new activities that will bring more awareness and will advance the SDG's and the 2030 Agenda European Union Kosovo, Pristina, Kosovo. 42,159 likes · 283 talking about this. The EU Office/EU Special Representative ensure that a permanent political and technical dialogue is maintained with Kosovo

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  1. European Union Kosovo, Pristina, Kosovo. 42,158 likes · 291 talking about this. The EU Office/EU Special Representative ensure that a permanent political and technical dialogue is maintained with Kosovo
  2. Vladimir Putin took part in the final plenary session of the 14th annual meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club. During the four days of the for..
  3. UN SCR 1244.. 11 1.2. CONSTITUTION Kosovo is neither a full member of the above-mentioned organisations, nor does it have any formalised order of contrac-tual relations with those organizations. Ultimately, on the bases of these considerations, post-independence Kosovo is depicted as having a hybrid international presence with-out due consideration being paid to the Constitutional.
  4. Serbia There was limited improvement in protections of human rights in Serbia in 2020. Journalists faced threats, violence, and intimidation, and those responsible are rarely held to account
  5. Kosovo is a Balkan kintra in sooth-wastren Europe. It haes a laund mairch wi Montenegro tae the nor'wast, Serbie in the nor'east, the Republic o Macedonie in the south an wi Albanie in the sooth east.. Recognition. Serbie hinna recognised Kosovo as a kintra, gied Kosovo declared unthirldom frae Serbie. A list o aw the kintras whit hae recognised the kintra is here ablo
  6. antly Muslim country, on September 4, making Israel the 98th UN member state recognizing Kosovo's independence. Kosovo, in turn, recognized Israel as a nation. Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008.
Kosovo Releases Russian UN Worker After Moscow DemandUS, NATO were aware of Kosovo PM Thaçi’s past — RT USA NewsKosovo unlikely to become a UN member - UNGA president toKosovo Urges UN To Recognize 'Reality' Of Independence
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